Domingo – travel day part #1

  Early AM team meeting and last minute packing.

 Happy bambino.
  Fabulous breakfast (CT’s cinnamon rolls!!) and debrief with Thomas, Rivero, and Cote’ families.  

  Insert caption here____________
   Last round of goodbyes…for this summer…


Final views…for this summer…

Hurry up and wait. Wait for it…wait for it. And repeat.


  Jungle sunrise on Lago Yarinacocha.

 K.P. and team devotional.

  Sub-adults painting 100 stools. 20 down…only 80 to go. Go Team!

  Half of the varnishing dream team.

  Lunch in the new dining room.

  Rebuilding some of the bleachers in the soccer arena.


 A little bit of R&R fishing for the elusive Peacock Bass…yes she caught one while being distracted by the scenery.

  Yet another beautiful sunset.