Awaiting departure from Lima to Pucallpa and landing in Pucallpa. Welcome to the jungle!

  Walking tour of Mision TEC  

New kitchen facility! We will be making cabinets in this space – thank you Lord for your provision through Customs.

Selfie + 13 friends…   
There’s a house in there somewhere…


Insert clever caption here_________

 Sketchy boardwalk up to a really cool animal rescue zoo.

Beautiful end to a long day.

El domingo

  On our way to church this morning…
 Greeting kids at church…


Log truck – Peruvian style. That’s not a familiar species…

Lunch at Orlando’s. Pucallpa’s finest meat/yucca/plantain eatery. Aspirin added for effect…

Visiting the two new homes at The Orchard with Director Monica. They are awaiting the first children. 

Cashew fruit (ripe and edible), cashew nut (poisonous unripe stem portion). Mystery solved.

Worship time tonight with Kids Alive staff. Learned several new songs in Espaniol.

Another beautiful end to a long day…

One Day!

It is crazy and amazing to think that tomorrow is the day that we leave for Peru! As I am making final preparations (lots and lots of packing!), I am reminded of what an incredible journey this has been. I think that I can speak for all of the team that this has been such a tremendous undertaking to go to Peru. From the beginning planning stages, to this last day before we leave, we have been overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received from so many people whom God has called to support us. Just by prayer, God has done amazing wonders for our team. From the big worries, to the minute details, He has shown us time and time again that He is in control. We are in the palm of His whole hand throughout this journey. And not to mention, the financial support we have received is astounding. It is truly amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us whether by money or through prayer. Please keep praying for us as we travel.

On a side note, I thought I would share one of my favorite verses. It has been a tremendous source of comfort and peace for me this past week.

Phillipians 4:6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything, giving thanks to him for all that he has done.”

By Abbey Ward